Calderdalehour Calderdale Tweets Twitter

#calderdalehour - Tuesdays 8-9pm

#calderdalehour - Tuesdays 8-9pm

A Twitter networking event to promote and find businesses in Calderdale.

Folowing from the success of #Yorkshirehour and a suggestion from Sheree Heptinstall @HEC_Sheree for a HalifaxHour I suggested #CalderdaleHour.

How Does #calderdalehour Work?

Simply tweet about your business between 8pm and 9pm on Tuesdays and include the hashtag #CalderdaleHour.

calderdalehour - #calderdalehour

For example:

"I'm an independent web designer specialising in mobile friendly sites for small business #CalderdaleHour"

"#WebDesign #MobileWebsites #Halifax #CalderdaleHour"

"Tweeting about mobile friendly websites #CalderdaleHour"

Then using the searchbox search for #CalderdaleHour to find businesses participating in #CalderdaleHour.

Follow any that are of interest and periodically check your @ page for new followers. Remember to thank new followers and have fun.

As with #YorkshireHour the intention is that this is not a follow train or follow for follow event. Successful social media marketing depends upon striking up conversations, "engaging", with your followers so please don not use "Follow", "FollowBack" or similar terms during #CalderdaleHour.

As these events can be hectic you may find it useful to use TweetDeck to schedule tweets. This frees you up to join in the conversation.