Local Seo

Local Seo Services

Local Seo Services

Many people new to running a website think that you launch a website and the traffic comes flooding in. Unfortunately there are millions of websites all competing for those same customers, and launching a website is just the start of on-line promotion.

The good news is search engines such as Google provide local search results, as shown. Correctly utilising your Google places page can be of major benefit, so this is one of the things I strive to do for every client I build a site for.

Another great tool Google Analytics - I love free stuff - allows you to monitor your sites performance and track visitors and the route they came by.

If your interested in promoting your website locally I can advise on various aspects of search optimisation including site architecture, keyword choice and placement, content marketing and social media.

I can also implement structural changes where required using PHP, HTML, XHTML, CSS, MYSQL.