Web Hosting And Management

Web Hosting

Web Hosting

There are several solutions to your hosting requirements that I can provide to cater for all levels of hosting management ability.

Firstly though can I say that I firmly believe that the client should purchase their own domain name through their own account with a domain name provider. The reason for this is security. If you have purchased the domain, it is registered to you and thus you have the legal claim to the domain name even if it is transferred to another hosting account for management purposes. Currently I use 123reg for domain name purchases and hosting. Any enquires I've made to customer services have been dealt with promptly and satisfactorily.

web hosting

Managed Hosting

If your new to website ownership and you'd like me to manage your hosting for you, I can do this either from your own hosting package or from my hosting account. The advantage of letting me host your account is that hosting costs can be shared, generally providing more facilities for the price of a cheaper package.

Manage Your Own Hosting

Managing your own hosting gives you the greatest control over your website. All that is necessary to allow a web designer access is to set up an ftp account.